Hemp oil for pets

There is a growing body of research aimed at uncovering the benefits of hemp oil for pets. Hemp oil is derived by pressing hemp seeds. During preparation, these seeds are pressed (cold-pressed) to give a dark to clear light green colored oil with a nutty scent. The final color of the hemp oil determines the flavor; the lighter the color, the less grassy the flavor and vice versa.

Just like what is obtainable in other medicinal plants, hemp extracts have also come in handy in the treatment and prevention of a wide variety of health conditions ranging from stress management, improved mental health, arthritis and pain relief. These activities are produced when the trace amounts of cannabinoids in the hemp seed oil interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system present in both man and other animals like cats, dogs and horses. While cannabidiol can interact with the ECS to elicit several therapeutic properties, it is pertinent to note that different animal species mediate or process this reaction in different ways. To give us an idea of how differently pets process cannabidiol from humans, here are some ways hemp oil can be beneficial to our beloved pets.


Some of the most common benefits and use-case of hemp oil for pets include but is not limited to the following;

Pain relief

When pets grow old, they tend to experience some peculiar challenges which adversely affects the general health of their bodies. These health challenges are often expressed as joint pain, arthritis, lack of energy and reduced activity. Since hemp seed oil contains little to no concentration of THC, it can trigger the production of feel-good hormones, reduce the possibilities of chronic inflammation and improved nerve health.


When applied topically, hemp seed oil can promote wound healings from bites, hot spots, wounds and sting. Their (hemp seed oils) antioxidant activity can be used as a remedy for dry skin and hair in pets, allergy expression and other skin conditions. It has also been observed to enhance the formation of glossy and sleek coat for pets while assisting them in getting rid of peculiar pet odors. Depending on the nature of the final product, hemp seed can keep your pet smelling nice, beautiful and attractive.

Controlled Anxiety

Administration of hemp oil on anxious cats and dogs exposed to different levels of anxiety and from chronic inflammation, hearing loss, thyrotoxicosis, hypothyroidism encephalitis and pre-diabetes. Hemp seed can also find use in assisting older dogs in improving the function of their nervous system. It can also prevent chronic inflammations, can neutralize the harmful effects of free-radicals capable of keeping your dog restless and anxious.

Healthy immune system

Hemp seed oil can also serve as an important item by improving the response of the immune system in fighting against diseases. It can also exhibit antimicrobial properties against pathogenic bacteria and fungi, including candida.


Hemp oil is derived from the hemp plant and may contain between 0% to 0.3% of THC. This can keep your pet active with no psychoactive effects. It is highly recommended that only hemp oil products made for pets should be given to them since the level of activities may differ from minister to the other.


Get in touch with our team of experienced professionals on hemp extract if you have any questions. Our Naturadex hemp oil was specially formulated to meet the health needs of your pets. We will love to hear from you soon. Don't forget to share the article with friends.



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