Several ways to use hemp oil for pain relief

Feeling pain and aches are a natural part of our existence as humans. Experiencing these sensations simply indicates that our nervous system and other parts of the body are functioning correctly. This is because they serve as signals that inform our bodies about possible injuries or damages inflicted on any system or body cells. Pain and aches differ in their severity and may be characterized as either mild or chronic. While the latter can last for more than 12 weeks, the former requires just a few hours to be completely healed.

The effects of chronic pain can range from placing a restriction on our level of strength, mobility, flexibility and endurance. When these episodes occur, people may pass experience burning or aching sensations in the affected areas. Depending on the level of chronic pain experienced in the body, these sensations may be intermittent or steady. Chronic pain can be expressed as psychogenic pain (pain that isn’t caused by disease, injury, or nerve damage), post-trauma pain, postsurgical pain, neurogenic pain (pain caused by nerve damage), lower back pain, headache, cancer pain, and arthritis pain. The conventional treatment measure for chronic pain focuses on the use of standard prescriptions like anti-inflammatory drugs, opioids, over-the-counter painkillers and antidepressants, which may be addicting and plagued with a lot of adverse side effects. The other treatment measures involve lifestyle changes and the use of natural/herbal supplements like hemp oil.


Hemp oil has been identified from clinical and laboratory research to play significant roles in assisting patients in dealing with a wide range of pain including; muscle spasms, arthritis pain, chronic back pain, and chronic pain in the following ways;

Antioxidant effects

Hemp oil can neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals, thus maintaining physiological and internal balance. The accumulation of free radicals in muscles and joints can lead to muscle spasms and multiple sclerosis. Scientific research has shown that short-term application of hemp oil can reduce the levels of spasticity in the body.

Improve brain activity

The analgesic effect of hemp oil has been documented to improve the brain’s perception of pain. Successful interaction between cannabidiol and the endocannabinoid system receptors can trigger the production of new brain cells, enhance nervous coordination, hormonal balance and stimulate the release of feel-good hormones to keep the body relaxed. It is widely believed that hemp oil can elicit anticancer properties by limiting the growth and spread of cancerous cells.

Anti-inflammatory effects

Chronic inflammation can support the thriving of pain-related disorders. Utilizing hemp oil can produce exceptional levels of activity against chronic back pain and other forms of pain. It has also been identified to combat arthritis pain, and improve the operations of the immune system.

Possible side effects of hemp oil

Although most researchers believe the use of hemp oil is not linked to any life-threatening side effects, it has been observed to produce the following side reactions when used. It can trigger changes in appetite, nausea, drowsiness, dizziness, mood changes, anxiety, dry mouth and diarrhea. Hemp oil can also inhibit the ability of Cytochrome P450 to metabolize drugs, thus causing overdose and psychoactive effects. Please consult with your family doctor or physician before combining any cannabidiol product with any other medication.


Hemp oil is not psychoactive, thus qualifying it as a choice replacement for over-the-counter painkillers and antidepressants used in pain control. It is not addicting and possesses a vast array of activities which keeps the body balanced and active. Contact us if you have any questions on Naturadex hemp products, we will love to hear from you soon.



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